$29.00 USD

Boob Hell

The 1-hour workshop to learn how to prevent & treat clogs, mastitis, and all the stress related to boob pain.

For the low one-time price of $49 $33 for lifetime access!

What you'll get:

  • A clear understanding of clogs, mastitis, and the microbiome of your boobs
  • Practical steps for treating clogs, mastitis, and blebs
  • Preventative tips that you can implement now.
  • a downloadable PDF with everything laid out in one place

When you’re dealing with the pain of Boob Hell, there’s only one option: You’ve gotta get the hell out as quickly as possible.

Right now, I want you to consider me your personal nurse who’s going to help you get better faster and learn how to prevent any more clogs!

I spent way too much time in Boob Hell as a new mom, and I’m determined to help you get the hell outta there -- ASAP! Mostly, I want to help you get to a place of enjoying all the heavenly snuggles with your baby!

What People Are Saying:

use the Boob Hell protocols for managing clogs and have had 100% success for over 14 months with no infections and clogs clearing up within 24 hrs every time. Everyone in my life is shocked that I've made it this far, so chill and confident. (I'M shocked, ha!). Could not be more grateful for this education!!


I’ll never regret taking the class and having it on hand to refer to in case of “boob hell” symptoms. I will recommend it to everyone who’s having their first or 5th baby…